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Interaction of biomolecules


This platform involves several devices mainly applied for:

  • Characterization of structure and dynamic of the assembly of cellular and membrane multi-protein complexes
  • Study of molecule/membrane interactions, membrane penetration and biomolecules internalization,
  • Analysis of biological nano-objects and/or protein complexes.
  • Secondary structure of peptides, proteins and oligonucleotides,
  • Lipid membranes /molecules interactions,
  • Physicochemical and thermal stability of peptides, proteins and antibodies.

  • Lipid monolayers,
  • Membranes/biomolecules interactions (lipid monolayers insertion),
  • Biomolecules amphipathicity.

  • Nano-objects size and polydispersity by dynamic light scattering (DLS) analysis,
  • Surface charge by Zeta potential measurements,
  • Protein complexes stability.

  • Biomolecules interactions by fluorescence monitoring,
  • Protein complexes formation and affinity measurements,
  • Molecules/membranes interactions by fluorescence measurements.