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“Peptide synthesis” platform

Persons in charge : Eric Vivès, Prisca Boisguérin

Peptide synthesis (solid-phase peptide synthesis) according to the Fmoc chemical strategy. Possibility to synthesize linear or cyclic peptides with or without modifications (fluorescent probe, PEGylation, etc.)

Preparative and semi-preparative HPLC for peptide purification.

Possibility to use different columns, different solvent gradients, etc.

MultiPep 2 (CEM): Automatic peptide synthesizer on cellulose membrane for protein:protein interaction screening.

SPOT synthesis allows the synthesis of thousands of peptides immobilized on a cellulose membrane. These peptide libraries can then be screened with different proteins (development of interfering peptides) or antibodies (epitope definition) of interest. With the MultiPep 2, the SPOT synthesis option allows the synthesis of more than 2400 peptides in a batch for high-throughput screening applications.