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Maria Carmen Martinez

Maria Carmen Martinez (DR1 CNRS) has been working for twenty years on extracellular vesicles and their impact in the pathogenesis of cardio-metabolic diseases. She has also developed therapeutic tools based on the cardio- and vascular-protective potential of extracellular vesicles. After obtaining a thesis in Physiology at the University of Valencia (Spain) in 1992, and having carried out several post-doctoral stays in Strasbourg, she was recruited CR1 at the CNRS in 2002 in the INSERM Unit U770 to work in the team of Dr Jean-Marie Freyssinet. In 2003, she was awarded the prize of the French Society of Hematology. After 15 years in the INSERM U1063 Unit in Angers, she joined the PhyMedExp laboratory and since January 1, 2022 she has been leading the “Extracellular vesicles and metabolic diseases” team. She has contributed to more than 140 publications in peer-reviewed journals (h-index 41) and 2 international patents.

Maria Carmen Martinez

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