Research program : Extracellular vesicles and metabolic diseases

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The work of our team is based on translational research analyzing the role of extracellular vesicles as (i) novel effectors to elucidate specific pathways in the development of cardio-metabolic diseases, and (ii) therapeutic strategies to combat cardiometabolic dysfunctions with new designs of extracellular vesicles in the field of nanomedicine

Extracellular vesicles are small structures released by cells involved in communication between cells and tissues. Indeed, these vesicles, due to their cargo, can be used as biomarkers in pathophysiological situations and as effectors by acting on target cells. By using extracellular vesicles, our team aims to predict the cardiovascular consequences of obesity and diabetes as well as to define new therapeutic approaches using certain subtypes of extracellular vesicles.

Our team will bring a new aspect to the work developed on the physiology of the heart and other muscles on a translational basis in close partnership with the other teams of the Unit and the clinical services of the Hospital of Montpellier, with the clinical service of biochemical explorations and metabolic by contributing to the inter-team connection and by promoting pathological inter-organ interactions. Recent clinical data and translational studies provide clear evidence supporting complex interactions between metabolic syndrome, obesity, diabetes, obstructive sleep apnea syndrome and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, all of which to the increase in the occurrence of metabolic dysfunctions leading to an increased cardiovascular risk.


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