Project leader: Eric VIVES
Cellular transfection of mRNA by a peptide for the development of alternative tools in cancer immunotherapy


Messenger RNA (mRNA) transfection has undergone spectacular development by becoming a effective vaccine strategy against COVID-19. Efficient mRNA transfection thus encourages therapeutic perspectives in the field of immunotherapy in oncology. However, mRNAs remain fragile molecules unable to enter cells. Currently, lipid complex cocktails are exclusively used to ensure cellular internalization of mRNAs. Recently, we showed that a short peptide (WRAP) could effectively substitute this cocktail of lipids to vectorize a synthetic mRNA. Our goal is to demonstrate that this peptide is effective in vectorizing therapeutic mRNAs, inducing an immune or immunostimulatory response, that this peptide allows a single-ingredient formulation simpler to implement, with less constraining preservation and lower manufacturing cost.