Research program : Acquired Myopathies in Patients with Organ Deficiencies

Phenotyping acquired myopathies in patients with organ deficiencies and muscle response to physical training

The objective of axis 1 is to develop a common and standardized methodology in different cohorts of patients carrying these induced myopathies. This methodology will be followed by the clinical members of our team in order to characterize the different possible muscular phenotypes as well as their evolution over time, in a multi-scale approach. This descriptive and longitudinal approach has already enabled us to develop individualized predictive biomarkers of patient evolution (Jaber et al, 2011; Demoule et al, 2013; Souweine et al, 2018; Flatres et al, 2020; Souweine et al, 2020). We aim to develop new long-term predictive biomarkers of motor and cognitive disability with regard to the multiple factors involved and to propose molecular targets in order to assess the impact of innovative therapies on its evolution.