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Alain Lacampagne

Alain Lacampagne (DR1 CNRS) is an expert in the analysis of cardiac and muscular excitation-contraction coupling. After obtaining a PhD in cardiac physiology at the University of Tours in 1995, he spent 3 years at the University of Maryland (Baltimore, USA) in the laboratory of Prof. Martin Schneider, to learn about calcium imaging by confocal microscopy. In 1999, he was recruited as a CNRS research fellow in the INSERM U390 directed by Dr Guy Vassort. In 2009, he was awarded the “Chercheur d’Avenir” prize from the Languedoc Roussillon region. In 2014, He was honor by the “Schaeffer Research Scholar” prize from Columbia University (New York, USA) and spent a year as a visiting professor in the laboratory of Pr AR Marks.  Since 2006, he leads the research team 1 and since 2021, he is the head of Inserm U1046_CNRS 9214. He has contributed to 140 publications in peer-reviewed journals (h-index = 41) and 7 international patents. He was a member of the Commission 24 of the CNRS (2004-2008; 2012-2021), a member of the board of directors of the GRRC (2004-2010) and of the Physiology Society (2019-).

Jérémy Fauconnier

After his PhD in cardiac physiology, obtained at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Montpellier, and a post-doctoral fellowship in the muscle physiology laboratory at the Karolinska Institute (Stockholm, Sweden), Dr Jérémy Fauconnier was recruited in 2007 as a permanent researcher at the CNRS in the cardiovascular pathophysiology laboratory of the University of Montpellier. His main research interests are the dynamic regulation of calcium signaling in relation to excitation-contraction coupling, mitochondrial function and energetic metabolism in cardiac muscle. Specialized in cellular electrophysiology, mitochondrial function and calcium imaging, he was awarded the CNRS prize for scientific excellence in 2014. Very involved in supporting young researchers and organizing scientific events, he was a founding member of the Scientists of Tomorrow of the European Society of Cardiology in 2013, and is currently president of the Groupe de Réflexion sur Recherche Cardiovasculaire (GRRC) of the French Society of Cardiology. He leads the research team 1 with Dr Lacampagne.

Alain Lacampagne

Jéremy Fauconnier

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